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    Best Doctors in Collin County

    Best Doctors in Collin CountyDr. Mark McQuaid was named one of the best doctors in Collin County! D Magazine, a Dallas publication, recently released their 2018 list of best doctors, and Dr. McQuaid was voted one of the best doctors in the Dallas area by his physician peers!

    Dr. McQuaid has over 20 years in the medical field and uses that experience to provide the most comfortable, modern, and effective procedures available in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders. By focusing on quality, compassionate care, and adherence to strict professional standards, Dr. McQuaid has distinguished himself as a leader in the medical community.

    Chronic Venous Disease can manifest in many different ways, ranging from simple fatigue and spider veins to varicose veins, skin changes, and limb-threatening ulcerations. Whether you want to feel better about the way your legs look, have more energy at the end of the day, or you want to heal an ulcer on your leg, our procedures can help.

    The first step in your treatment is a full consultation which includes a review of your health history and a physical examination, during which an ultrasound study will be performed.  With this information, a variety of treatment options are available to create a custom treatment plan especially for you and your legs.  Treatment depends on the degree of the venous insufficiency, the location of failing venous valves, and the course of the involved veins.

    Do you or a loved one suffer from varicose veins?

    Schedule a vein screening today and see for yourself why so many people love Dr. McQuaid and McQuaid Vein Care. Call us at (972) 378-5347 or use the form on the right side of this page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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