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    6 Health Tips for Reducing Spider Veins

    6 Health Tips for Reducing Spider Veins

    Spider veins are small red, purple, and blue vessels that twist and turn for several reasons. They are majorly visible on the leg and can be seen on the face too. There are some instances where they are caused by underlying venous diseases and it is always important that medical interventions are offered to prevent further problems. As with other health conditions, it is better to take care of spider veins early enough. Here, we will discuss six important health tips that can help you to reduce the problem significantly.

    Lose Some Weight

    Overweight and obesity are among the major factors that predispose you to spider veins and the more problematic varicose veins. If you are overweight or obese it is time to lose some weight. It will also help you with several other health conditions.

    Exercise Regularly

    You can also develop spider veins as a result of sedentary lifestyle even when you are not overweight or obese. By exercising regularly, you can reduce spider veins. Focus on exercises that will improve your leg strength and improve blood circulation: walking and running are good examples.

    Improve Your Diet

    An excellent way to reduce spider veins is by improving your diet. Your diet affects so many things about your life including your weight. Eating right has several health benefits and can also help you to reduce varicose veins when your entire body, including your veins, are healthy.

    Improve Your Posture at Work and At Home

    How long do you sit or stand while working? There are certain postures that predisposes you to spider veins. People that stand most of the time at their work places suffer spider and varicose veins more often but you can improve your posture to prevent and reduce the problem.

    Don’t stand or sit for extended periods; don’t cross your legs for long period while sitting; and try to elevate your leg when resting. Switching positions from time to time will help reduce spider veins.

    Avoid Very Tight Clothing

    Some clothing that constrict your waist, groin or legs can predispose you to spider veins. They obstruct normal flow of blood through the veins and this can be the beginning of your problems. By avoiding such tight clothing, you will reduce spider veins. You should equally avoid wearing high heels for extended periods.

    Consult a Vein Specialist

    There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to help reduce spider veins. Spider veins can be unsightly and painful. With the few tips discussed above, you should be able to reduce them significantly and enjoy a healthier life.


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