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    Vein Care An “Absolute Necessity” For Health Management, Says McQuaid Vein Care

    Vein Care An “Absolute Necessity” For Health Management, Says McQuaid Vein Care

    FRISCO, TX, December 12th, 2018 – Vein care should not be taken in vain, according to McQuaid Vein Care. The medical practice, which is led by Drs. Mark McQuaid, J. Andrew Skiendzielewski and Randy Morton, and specializes in “the most comfortable, modern, and effective procedures available” for those suffering from surgical and vascular disorders, has helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life through targeted vein treatments. As part of a recent interview, where he was asked to share his insights on his field of expertise, Dr. Mark McQuaid spoke of the importance of early intervention and effective treatment of conditions affecting the veins, as well as vein treatments’ impact in helping improve patients’ mobility and overall health.

    “Vein disfiguration and anomalies are only a symptom of underlying problems that need to be treated first” said Dr. Mark McQuaid. “Chronic Venous Disease or CVD; varicose veins; spider veins; Peripheral Venous Disease or PVD; Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD; Buerger’s Disease; and Raynaud’s are some of the conditions that affect the vascular system and compromise vein health.”

    “Patients with vein conditions report feelings of aching pain or heaviness in the legs; leg cramps, swelling, rashes and a topical burning sensation on the skin surrounding the affected veins, while they can also develop limb-threatening ulcerations. These are only some of the persistent symptoms that lead patients to seek treatment, seeing as they can no longer perform even the simplest of tasks in their day-to-day lives. Those suffering from vain diseases have trouble to remain standing for prolonged periods of time, and, sometimes, even sitting down can be painful. In addition to hampered mobility, gnarled; discolored; twisted or enlarged veins pose a cosmetic concern, and often affect patients’ self-esteem.”

    Commenting on what makes McQuaid Vein Care stand out for its services, and gain the trust of patients in the Frisco area and beyond, Dr. Mark McQuaid pointed out that “Thanks to its combined 30 years of experience, McQuaid Vein Care medical staff is adept at addressing and treating vein conditions using cutting-edge methods and state-of-the-art equipment.”

    Patients with vein problems are initially advised to follow a 6 week to 4 month trial of conservative measures for vein disease management, which include leg elevation, exercise, weight loss, and compression stocking use. However, these measures only provide temporary and transient relief, while they do not guarantee the prevention of permanent vein damage. As such, seeking a definitive treatment of their CVD is the only means helping patients do away with their discomfort and deformed vein-related cosmetic issues.

    McQuaid Vein Care offers Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA); Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT); VenaSeal™ Closure System; Microphlebectomy; Visual Sclerotherapy and Angie thermocoagulation operative treatment modalities which only cause minimal discomfort and allow patients to return to their normal activities on the same day. Initial consultation with McQuaid Vein Care’s specialists lasts approximately 2 hours, during which a thorough examination and an ultrasound evaluation of the veins in patients’ legs is performed to identify their individual vein problems. Patients are then presented with a variety of treatment options, and, after discussion with the McQuaid Vein Care specialist assigned to their case, they are given a customized treatment plan tailored to their legs’ individual needs.

    McQuaid Vein Care doctors are members of the Genesis Physicians Group and the Texas Medical Association, while Dr. Mark McQuaid has been featured in a Best Docs Network segment on varicose veins. The practice accepts all major insurance plans and Medicare, including BCBS, AETNA, UNITED, HUMANA, CIGNA, GREAT WEST, as well as many others, while it can also arrange for payment plans on a case-by-case basis.

    Those interested in McQuaid Vein Care’s medical services are encouraged to call (972) 378-5347 during business hours, or fill in the appropriate Contact Us form found on the practice’s website.

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